EIFS Moisture Inspection Report

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What information goes into an EIFS Moisture Inspection?

View ReportClick on the document to view an actual EIFS Moisture Inspection report from a reputable Inspector. If you are an EIFS homeowner, seller, or buyer interested in the health of the EIFS cladding system, this report will help you understand various causes of failure in exterior walls and how they are identified.

An EIFS Moisture Inspection must be performed by a Licensed Home Inspector and Certified Moisture Inspector qualified to practice in your municipality. The purpose of the moisture inspection is to help assess the condition of the EIFS system by searching for visible installation flaws, inadequate water diversion, and sealant failures. Electronic moisture testing devices are used. You receive a thorough analysis in an official report from the CMI.

Scope and estimate of work for remedial repairs is not the purpose of the Moisture Inspection. Further investigation may be needed to determine the extent of water damage, if any, and how best to modify your home to address any moisture problems that may be indicated by the inspection.

Contact Advanced EIFS Repair to schedule an EIFS Moisture Inspection from a trusted and reputable Property Inspector, or consult your local listings.

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