Residential EIFS Wall Repair

We specialize in EIFS wall repair, leak repair and EIFS drainage systems. Our veteran crew each have over 25 years of experience in residential EIFS systems. We are fully trained and certified in a wide variety of EIFS systems including Sto®, Dryvit®, Senergy® and Parex® home cladding systems. Our custom installed drainage solutions can prevent the damage from happening again—and eliminate expensive future repairs.

We know how to prevent EIFS damage.

Our crew are proud of our long history of successful EIFS wall repair and new home installations. Our strategy is simple and effective: we follow municipal EIFS building codes and manufacturer specifications to the last letter. To function perfectly, your state of the art wall system must be correctly installed and professionally sealed. Any water that gets inside the wall must be removed immediately. With an affordable, effective EIFS drainage system and annual inspections, your home will provide many years of low energy and maintenance costs with better weather resistance and lasting beauty.

Related Specialties:
• Certified Moisture Analyst
• Mold Remediation Certified Repair Contractor
• EIFS Drainage System Specialists

Dedicated, Dependable, Affordable

Our customers are pleasantly surprised by our lower estimates and professional attitude. We present the most cost-effective options once we fully understand your situation. We will not try to sell you any unnecessary repairs or components. We repair only the damaged area, make improvements to prevent the damage from recurring, and restore your exterior finish to its original condition.

Premium EIFS Materials and Sealants

Advanced EIFS Repair uses only 100% premium quality materials and products from industry leaders. Our deep knowledge, experience, and trust with these materials are the reasons why our wall repairs weather every season. We’ll make sure your most precious investment stays beautiful, comfortable, and dry.

Certified, Licensed, Insured

Our extended workmanship warranty is among the best in the business. Advanced EIFS Repair, Inc. is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our certifications are available upon request.

Professional Associations
• Certified EIFS Mechanics (CEM)
• Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI)


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