A “permanent” EIFS repair is possible with installation of a drainage system on homes with older barrier systems. We repair water damage to the wooden frame, replace or restore the EIFS cladding, and professionally seal the wall. Installing aftermarket drainage systems into existing homes and properties has been a huge success story for us. This is the surest way to prevent damage from happening again. Our residential customers enjoy excellent performance from their older EIFS without having to rip it off and replace it.

Some inexpensive types of EIFS drainage systems we install are window pan and kick-out flashing. Both solutions keep your walls dry by draining water away from problem areas. Short of replacing you exterior with another material, this is the most permanent EIFS repair available.

Kick-Out Drainage System

A kick-out flashing diverts and drains water away from the wall in areas where it meets a garage, porch roof or other non-EIFS material like masonry or brick.

Window Drainage System

For water damage due to leaking windows, we install a pan drainage system. This option can be considerably less expensive than buying new windows.


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