Got water inside your wall?

If there is water inside your wall, you need to know NOW. If not discovered and repaired early, hidden water damage, framing and structural problems will develop fairly quickly. To avoid expensive repairs, learn how to spot early warning signs of moisture and water damage. Inspect your exterior wall after a heavy storm and during the year. Give us a call today for more information.

Check for hidden water damage.
  • Caulk Failure
  • Heavy Water Stains on Walls
  • Standing Water Near Walls
  • Missing Kickout Flashing
  • Bird and Small Animal Holes
  • Window Failure
  • Soft or Spongy Wall
  • Damaged/Missing Water-Resistive Barriers
  • Recent Ant Infestation
How water and moisture enter:

Moist Air Infiltrates the Exterior
Leaks in the Roof
Plumbing Leaks
Wind Driven Rain and Snow
Outdoor Humidity (Climate)
Indoor Humidity (Bathing, Dishwashing)
Flooding and Seepage

water in wall
Do you see the signs of hidden water damage inside this wall?

water in wall

Call us to get a written estimate. We will repair the damage and restore your home to its original beauty.


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